Your time to rise


Life is a great experience where the journey matters more than the destination. Each journey encounters challenges and the biggest challenge is when someone tells you- you can’t do something, you aren’t good enough or you don’t have what it takes. It can kick you hard.

My kicks brought me to realization that only greatest people of the world will rise up to the greatness from the very bottom they were in.

Some examples of people who rose from the ashes like a phoenix: Oprah Winfrey from poverty to billionaire. Will Smith who worked harder than anyone to achieve his dreams. Arnold Schwarzneger who overcame many challenges and became an inspiration to many people.

If they were able to get themselves out of bad situations, out of the bottom when it seemed there might not be a away out so can you!

Sylvester Stalone: “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

My grandma always said: “There are no situation without solution. You just need to look for it better.”

Those hardships that you experience will make you an inspiration to others. One day you will look back at them and you will see how much you have accomplished just because you had the life you had.

Inspire yourself to be back on your feet again. Say to yourself:

I know I can.

I show you I can.

I am strong.

Rise. Rise. Rise. Don’t let other people break you apart. You are a better person so rise above, battle those challenges and be who you are.


Photo Source: “Kings Highway Kissimmee” (CC BY 2.0) by  Ricymar Photography (Thanks to all the fans!!!!) 

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