Why running is great?

Have you ever felt anger and didn’t know what to do with that emotion so you just suppressed it and it was building up to explosion? Have you wanted to say something, but you didn’t want to hurt other person and ended up hurting yourself?

I found that running is the best solution to release those and many other emotions. You just set off and run. Wind brushes your hair, your feet are remotely setting themselves in front of each other and it is much easier to put your life in perspective. Everything becomes distant and you realize how small problem really is. You are running free of worries.

It is actually even easier to find solutions as you are running as it improves your thinking by increased oxygen levels delivered to our brain due to risen heart rate.

These exercise benefits also has been scientifically investigated and proven to have positive effect on our mental health by several scientists. A very useful article written by C.B. Taylor, J.F. Sallis and R. Needle talks about benefits of exercising and according to their findings exercising helps to alleviate mild to moderate depression, has positive affect on social skills, cognitive function as well as helps to improve self esteem.

I can say that running is the best thing in the world. It gives you a feel of freedom as well as all other benefits of exercising. So stop living in the negativity and set yourself for 30 minutes of freedom. Free your mind from trash and fill it with things that really matter to you.


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