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In my opinion everyone should experience the joys of traveling. Maybe then we would realise that we are all the same, that every culture has some similarities to your own and that there are similar traditions.

Recently I stayed in a very small town Hatzfield. There are only couple shops, bakery, farms, church. It was a very small town. People knew each other, not many places you could go out to without driving and all the same people. Yet most never have traveled further than Germany. Never left their home places and when I talked to people I found that their lives are monotonic. They went to school there, they work there, they met their spouse there, they got married there, had their children there and died there. This circle has continued for generations. They haven’t lived. They existed. They never made mistakes and maybe they seem happy on the outside they had no light in theyr eyes. They had no exciting stories to share or experiences. It broke my heart. I wish I could show people how colourful and exciting life could be if you just take a little risk and go to different places.

I do travel a lot and I wasn’t a traveling soul when I was younger. It’s something my friends introduced me to and I saw how happy they were. In past couple years I visited so many countries and experienced their cultures that it made me a much positive person, more outgoing and much more openminded.

The only thing people do wrong when they travel is that they don’t try the foods that are traditional to that culture. It is part of the best experience of the place you are visiting. Ofcourse if you are alergic to some things might be more difficult, but surely not impossible. Most people stick to foods they know and their mindset never leaves the things they are familiar, hence that glorious change might never occur, because you are still in the comfort zone.

To be open minded means to try everything in life at least once, go to the unknown, get out of comfort zone and those experiences shape up the more positive you. Like you I din’t know all this till I traveled, stayed in hostels and met amazingly intelligent people there from all over the world. It doesn have to be expensive.

Do your research, find best deals all you have to invest is time and trust me you won’t regret a thing.

Stop existing, begin to live <3


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