Release that Self-Consciousness

In life I used to be so self conscious, always used to think what other will people think of me. I am sure many of you can relate to that self consciousness.

But wait a minute and have a think… How do we know what other people think? We don’t. We can’t read minds and to be honest sometimes what we think other people might think is actually not what they were thinking at all. So the hell with that! It’s too much work to be constantly thinking so much. It like a job 24/7. Gosh, if we got paid for that much thinking we would be Billionaires, all of us.

So how about start in very small steps?

First thing I did to get rid of that constant thinking was to say to myself every day “I do not care what other people think.” It’s just one opinion in a million. It is actually considered more valuable to be different. So I might as well be who I am, because there’s only one you.

Second one was to get rid of my body image issues. Now this one is slightly tough as it requires more work, but oh my gosh it feels great once you overcome it. It all had to start in my head. No diet or fitness ever starts with a gym membership or a diet plan. If it does, it shouldn’t. It all has to come from your mind otherwise you will quit before you start. Why do you think many people do not succeed with diets or fitness programes? Because they started from actually doing, not from changing the mentality. You also have to find your own way. In progress of it you will need to try different things, see how your body responds, see what issues it has. It took me about 4 good years to begin my journey fully with my mind set in a right place. I tried raw vegan diet, raw till 4, just vegan, tried vegetarian, tried reducing meats and fish, tried excluding some products and sugars out of my life and so on. What it helped me to realize was that my body had more issues than I realized and what helped me to solve it was my personal trainer that I found. Motivational and highly resourceful person. I will include his contact details at the end of the article if you wish to give it a go. With his help I was able to gain more confidence and reduce self-consciousness.

If you are wondering what happened when I was happy with my body? Well…

When I went for my courses in USA we went to Las Vegas and we visited an amazing bar called Gillies. They had bikini bull riding that night. And you know what? I thought, what the hell, I am finally happy with my body, I am going to do it! And I done it twice. Second time I even came second and inch from the win. Couldn’t believe it. Ever since if someone said to me I am fat or ugly or somewhat disgusting I didn’t feel a thing. Because in my subconscious it all changed. It kept shouting to my mind that “Who is he to judge? No one. His opinion is only one in Billions. He probably have issues with himself, so takes out on me.” And I actually feel sorry for that person who behaves like that.

So guys, begin your journey to free yourself from so much unnecessary thinking. Be proud to be yourself, because you are amazing. You have talents that are so hidden by that self- consciousness that is so unnecessary. One last thing I can recommend… Take your time and enjoy the journey. It will teach you so much about the life and one day you will be able to enjoy absolute happiness. It’s priceless.

Personal Trainer: Vytautas-


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