Regain your confidence

Do you sometimes doubt yourself? Do you feel you care too much of what other people think? Do you feel that you are worthless?

You are not alone. I know exactly how it feels. There are so many people in the world struggling to be confident in their own skin that it would be impossible to count. The only thing that is stopping you to be yourself is what it is in your head. Surely you imagine yourself sometimes so confident like Jenifer Lawrence or Bruce Lee or any other person you envy. Why not make a change instead of dreaming about it and embody it?

Recently I came across something extremely great! Keith Blakemore-Noble a great life coach and founder of The Confidence Alchemist.

I had developed a huge fear of singing in public even though I attended Conservatoire. The fear got worse the more I delayed dealing with it and eventually became extremely shy of singing.

It took me one session with Keith to be able to find something in myself that I thought was non-existent. A drop of confidence. The moment he asked me to sing in public I began to say no, but then realised if I say no I will never defeat my problem.

The moment I sang I felt something I have never felt before while singing. Pure joy. Yes, was a little nervous, but it wasn’t fear. It was positive feeling and it was all thanks to what Keith did.

Have a look at Keith’s website below this post and I am sure no matter where your confidence issues lies or what you need to improve on you will find exactly what you need and so much more. Don’t waste your time, start changing your life and fulfill your destiny while you’re young! Life is too short for regrets.

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