Circle of Life

Have you ever felt you can’t survive without a person you know, love? Have you ever felt that you will never be able to smile again? Have you ever went to a funeral and didn’t know what to say to make the grief easier?

I tend know the grief way too well. I lost my father when I was 7 and been to funerals every year since I can remember. Every year I lost someone dear to me, but one life that left me was very painful. Wasn’t able to talk about it for some time and never thought I will be able to smile. Till I learned what life is about.

I am smiling now, because I realized that death is not the end. It is new beginning of another very beautiful journey. We fear death because we don’t understand it. Of course it doesn’t mean we should look forward to die. Life is very beautiful too and we should live it cherishing every moment. Those who we lost will always look out for us from above. Death is simply meaning we accomplished everything we were meant to on this earth and we are now set to learn the ways of heavens.

Moving on will never become your betrayal to the loved one. Lost loved ones will always remain alive in your heart and they should be remembered by the smile, good memories and their love to you. Those who left will always guide you through dreams. Dreams you might not remember, dreams you might forget after 10 seconds when you wake up, but they leave a message that you should be happy and you need to realize your dreams no matter what they are.

It is all circle of life. We come, we go, but what we leave in others hearts that matters. We all have expiry date and we should leave this world better than we found.

So live fulfilling life and in the honer of those who left and live in the stars. They are there smiling to see you smile again with your open heart.


Picture source: “Wishing You A Peaceful Christmas” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  maf04 

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