5 Triks to help you thrive


Surely you want to be great at something, but you occasionally come across obstacles, people tend to spread doubt in your mind weather you are making right decisions or not, even if you were certain of what you wanted in life. So how can you keep on going if people around you holds you back?

Many times I turned the wrong route to find myself back to the road I started. It is only a waste of time not to follow passion. That experience lead me to figure out how I can keep myself on track which will help you to find your way as well.

Here are 5 things you need to know for you to be able to move forward:

  • If you have a big passion… If you have something you cannot live without and you want to be the best in it even when people tell you this is not gonna earn your living… You need to stop listening to those people. They clearly don’t know you at all. Even if it is family members. They are most common discouragers. Why? Because they care about you, they want the best for you, but not always they know what is best for you. Only you hold that answer, so start listening to your heart.


  •  Surround yourself with people who have similar mind as yours and will help you move towards your path of greatness.


  • You have to analyze yourself and spend hours on your craft to be sure this is what you want. If before going to bed your not thinking about your passion, if you don’t want to do it every minute of the day even when you are in your toilet, room, walking to work or at work than it is not what you want to do in life. It takes research to find it. It takes experimentation. It takes a lot of failures, but eventually you’ll get there.


  • Look at failure as a way of not trying that anymore and a way to find what you need to improve. Don’t let failure to bring you down. We fail a lot in life, in our careers, in relationships etc. It is part of life and we all fail at something and there is nothing to be ashamed about or shy about. You just have to pick it up and move forward, with bigger passion to make it better then before.


  • Listen to your heart. If you think you are capable, then DO IT! If YOU think YOU can, then DO IT! Don’t waste your time, your life begins now! Life is too short to waist anyone’s time on meaningless activities that you would never enjoy.


Picture Source: “100m finish – Athletics – Yverdon – Jun” (CC BY 2.0) by  Mitchell Media 

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