11 Inspiring films

Here you will find great inspirational films that will help you get back on your feet when you feel low, sad, helpless. There’s always hope and no one has the right to bring you down along with them. Fight for yourself, for what you believe and never give up your dreams.

1. Unbroken

Directed by Angelina Jolie. Based on true story. Morality behind it: Soul is stronger then the body. If soul is in-tacked than the body will take what ever is coming  to it. “If I can take it, I can make it.” Film that will aspire you to reach high and not let anyone tell you you can’t do it, because if you want you can do anything.

2. Peaceful warrior

Film that will make you understand the power of now. Based on the true events this film will make you think and inspire you to see and live in the moment.

3. Dead Poets Society

Wonderful film full of wisdom, understanding and sacrifice as teacher who gives students hope to go for what they want in life instead of live their parents lives.

4. Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron


Inspiring film to help you get back on your feet, fight for your freedom and never give up. Film full of great emotions and positivity.

5. The Walk


Film that will inspire to take that risk towards that dream you have that might seem impossible for you to make a reality. We all need to take a risk sometimes and have a leap of faith in order to achieve great things. “People ask: Why do you risk death, for me this is life.”

6. Fatherand


Film about what would have happened if Hitler would have won the war. Two people found out about what has really been done to the Jews and they couldn’t keep it to themselves. They lost their lives, but for something bigger than themselves. There are situations in life where it will feel that you might be standing alone in the battle. But no one is ever alone in it. There is always someone, somewhere going through the same hardships. Very insightful film that will make you think about standing up and speaking your mind when needed.

7. Time Travelers Wife

A film that will make you think about your values, life and how sometime we underrate things. So value everything around you as you never know when it can disappear. 

8. Never back down


Film that will inspire you to fight in what you believe in and never back down when greeted with hardships.

9. The Everest


Inspirational film about achieving goals. People who set out they had one goal and they did what ever it took to reach it. It was hard and the storms weren’t helping. But when they reached the top… You can tell the amazement and happiness in their eyes. They did it.

10. Worrior


Film that will help you scream in you mind “I can”. I can do anything I want. Be inspired to be your self, to train hard to become great, to study hard to achieve what you wish.

11. Divergent


Being different sometimes is better than being like everyone else. Unique people will might have to walk alone, might be separate from the croud, but they will never be lonely, because the friends they will make will be for life. Friends that will stick with them no matter what. Don’t be afraid to be different.




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