Soul Traveler

In my opinion everyone should experience the joys of traveling. Maybe then we would realise that we are all the same, that every culture has some similarities to your own and that there are similar[…]

Regain your confidence

Do you sometimes doubt yourself? Do you feel you care too much of what other people think? Do you feel that you are worthless? You are not alone. I know exactly how it feels. There[…]

11 Inspiring films

Here you will find great inspirational films that will help you get back on your feet when you feel low, sad, helpless. There’s always hope and no one has the right to bring you down along[…]

Circle of Life

Have you ever felt you can’t survive without a person you know, love? Have you ever felt that you will never be able to smile again? Have you ever went to a funeral and didn’t know[…]

Why running is great?

Have you ever felt anger and didn’t know what to do with that emotion so you just suppressed it and it was building up to explosion? Have you wanted to say something, but you didn’t[…]

Trick to improve your memory

Have you ever wondered how other people an remember where they keep their things and remember all their tasks? And comparing to them you always find yourself forgetting everything? Follow and like us on:00Follow

5 Triks to help you thrive

  Surely you want to be great at something, but you occasionally come across obstacles, people tend to spread doubt in your mind weather you are making right decisions or not, even if you were[…]

Love for everyone

  Sometimes we are too focused on our own life that we don’t notice other people around us. I believe that Valentine’s the day of love shouldn’t only be about couples. It should also be[…]

Your time to rise

  Life is a great experience where the journey matters more than the destination. Each journey encounters challenges and the biggest challenge is when someone tells you- you can’t do something, you aren’t good enough[…]